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P2V 2.1 offers new network tool

The mii-tool has been superseded by a new tool called ethtool.

I have not used the new beta for P2V much, but what I have learned is that the mii-tool has been superseded by a new tool called ethtool. As you might know, one of the most common reasons for slow P2V is negotiation of speed and duplex settings. Ethtool helps diagnose and set these values appropriately.

Mii-tool has never and will never be able to support gigabit Ethernet cards. Ethtool with speed 1000 is the best bet to set up gigabit Ethernet cards.

Note that you *only* actually need to run ethtool if:

  1. You had the duplex forced to full in Windows and
  2. Your network switches are mis-configured or forced to full duplex, and
  3. Because of this, the network card’s duplex auto-detection fails when booted to Linux. (See the output of ‘sudo ethtool eth0′ to check the duplex your card is set to)

You should also know that the new version of P2V is based on the popular Knoppix Boot CD. which comes off the same edition of hardware drivers that we currently enjoy with BartPE.

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