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PHD Virtual responds to esXpress backup review

PHD Virtual's beliefs about how backup should work in this response to our usability review of esXpress.

The author of the review series, Gabrie van Zanten, thought it appropriate to allow vendors to respond to these product reviews. We have published PHD Virtual Technologies' response to give readers any additional relevant product information.

As the pioneer of virtual backup appliances (VBAs), PHD Virtual Technologies has been transforming data protection for VMware since 2006. Today, more than 1,600 enterprises worldwide use its data protection solution, esXpress, to achieve scalable, fault-tolerant and cost-effective backup and restore solutions for virtual infrastructures.

EsXpress adheres to the "set it and forget it" approach to virtual machine (VM) backups -- all existing, new and changed VMs are backed up by default. VMs can be added or renamed without the need to worry about changing configuration settings. Backup settings are maintained at the global, host group or host level.

In addition to regular backups, individual backups can be performed using "one click to backup" without ever leaving the VMware Infrastructure 3 or vSphere client. By interpreting commands added to the VM Name or VM Notes, esXpress integrates directly with the client to offer granular control over backup operations. Using this method, esXpress can be forced to skip a particular VM, run a backup at a specific time, or run a one-time backup and send it to a pre-defined target.

With esXpress, "You own your own data." EsXpress' self-restoring backups do not require the software to restore VMs. Additionally; esXpress VBAs can perform restores, avoiding service console limitations. Since the deduplication appliance is only a Web server, a browser can be used directly on the host where the data is to be restored, eliminating the need to make additional copies or move restored data. In most cases download speeds are only by the speed of the LAN.

As well as protecting virtual environments, esXpress seamlessly integrates with existing physical backup solutions to create a "best of breed" physical and virtual backup environment to ensure the entire infrastructure is protected.

As esXpress continues to evolve, the configuration and deployment graphical user interface appliance is being enhanced to include new features and functionality. In addition to the existing restore capabilities, a restore interface will be released soon as well as the ability to edit backup configurations per individual VM guest, and more.

David Finklestein
Director of Marketing
PHD Virtual Inc.

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