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Running more Virtual Machines than you have allocated RAM to the Service Console

RAM allocation with ESX Server for virtual machines

As you may know when you install ESX Server you allocate an amount of RAM to the Service Console – this gives the Service Console enough RAM to manage N number of virtual machines. Remember the remaining RAM is allocated to your VMKernel and the demands of your virtual machines. The defaults are 192MB/8 VM’s, 272MB/16 VM’s, 384MB/32 VM’s and then 512MB for more than 32 VM’s and 800MB max

If you try to exceed these allocations the MUI will warning you and prompt you with a link to adjust the Service Console Memory allocation. In my case the warning appeared when I had allocated 192/MB and 8 VM’s and was trying to run (9) VM’s

Warning: Service Console Reserved Memory is lower than recommended for the number of running virtual machines (9)

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