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SQL KB saved my bacon

Directions on how to reset the default database and allow Enterprize Admins to work again.

Today I was playing around with my SQL box which runs my VC2.0.2 and also my VC2.5 system. I’d finished with the VC2.5 database and wanted to trash it and start again. So I did my usual thing and reached for the delete key. But then something odd happened, I couldn’t get back into the SQL box again. It kept on coming up, “Cannot open user default database” message. Every time I went to open “Enterprise Admins” it wouldn’t connect to the SQL system, even though my VC 2.0.2 db was fine.

It turned out that at some stage I’d made the administrator account’s default database be the very one I ended up deleting.

However, this KB article showed me the steps of resetting the default database, and allowing Enterprize Admins to work again. Phew!

Moral: I must learn more about SQL.

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