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Some not so good news for HP Customers

It has come to my attention that the upgrade process triggered via VMware Update Manager has an issue.

Well, if you have been following my blog for the last couple of days – you will know that I’ve been upgrading to vSphere 4.0 U1. Just before I did, it came to my attention that the upgrade process triggered via VMware Update Manager had an issue. This surfaced during the US Thanksgiving holiday period – so I treated it as a defcon 1 issue – because the upgrade could cause a PSOD – and I worried this problem could be caused by someone doing an upgrade during the holiday period – or it slipping under their radar during the holiday period.

In case you don’t know – if you have ESX “Classic” with the HP SIM Agents installed (which is very popular) then the VMware VUM Update would cause you problems. VMware hastily issued a KB article -

outlining the problem, the cause and work around….

Leaving aside about HOW such an important upgrade error wasn’t picked up by the internal VMware QA process – this KB has been recently updated, and it makes for uncomfortable reading for HP customers:

“Note: If you want to install the update, you must download the update manually. The update is no longer available for automatic download in Update Manager and the vSphere Update Utility. You can find the update on the VMware Downloads site and copy the download to your local depot as needed.”

So those of us lucky/unlucky enough to download the patches and U1 last week – get to do automated downloaded update via VUM, and those who do it now – will find that the update is not distributed through normal sources.

Now I’m going to be VERY generous to VMware, by saying it's probably better to withdraw an update that comes with a known-issue – but I don’t think many customers will view it that way. I think most customer will conclude that there has to be a better way of handling this problem. They will see that the way this issue has been created and handled – is yet another reminder that rolling out updates early is unwise – and that automatic patch-management can't be trusted.

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