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Switching the UDA 1.4 to use Microsoft DHCP

To disable DHCP On the UDA and to enable DHCP On the Windows DHCP:

In some environments it may not be possible to use the UDA’s built-in DHCP daemon. It is possible to disable the DHCP Service on the UDA, and configure a Microsoft DHCP server to take over the role. This is quite an easy configuration change:

To Disable DHCP On the UDA:

  1. Logon as Admin on the UDA’s web-admin tool
  2. Click the Services link
  3. Select the DHCP link
  4. Click the Configure button
  5. Disable the option for Start DHCP on boot
  6. Click the Apply button
  7. Click the Services link again
  8. Select the DHCP link again
  9. Click the Stop button

To Enable DHCP On the Windows DHCP:

  1. Configure the following Scope Options or Server Options:
  2. Enable the option 066 Boot Server Host Name, and set the empty string value to be the IP address of your UDA
  3. Enable the option 067 Bootfile Name, and set the empty string to be, pxelinux.0


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