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TSX-EMEA: General Session

TSX opened to day at the Acropolis.

TSX opened to day at the Acropolis. The venue is fine, if somewhat circa 1970's, and I think delegates will miss the roller-coasters of Paris, Disney. This said, this year we are more upmarket bunch strolling our way along the strip of Nice. In the morning we had the customary key notes sessions. Nothing spectacular to report about these events – virtualisation rocks, virtual appliances rock, the hardware in future will rock, and VMware will be there to take advantage of it. Oh, and open-source community initiatives counts such as virtual disk formats and so on. On the community side of things Robert Dell’Immagine gave us a run down on how the VMTN will improve in months to come. With a Wiki project, better profiles and kind of LinkedIn but for the forums. I hope to contribute to the Wiki project by “seeding” it with content from my free online guides – and then letting the community edit and improve that content as systems change. 

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