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TSX-EMEA on Monday

TSX began with a trainer event on the Monday before TSX official opened.

My TSX began with a trainer event on the Monday before TSX official opened. It was an opportunity to meet up with my fellow instructors and to be given the inside track on VMware Education's plans for the future. So here’s some news. Firstly, the new “Deploy, Secure and Analyse” (DSA)course can be taken, and will count towards your VCP status. So for people who feel the “Install and Configure” (I&C) course is inappropriate they can do the DSA course instead and still be certified. However, the exam questions will still be closely related to the I&C content. In the US VMware plan to have a “test” make sure that the right people are allowed to the attend the DSA course – but there no plans for the European arm of VMware Education – the VATC programme to be forced to take a “pre-requisite” test.


VMware Education are planning an architects qualification (VCA) which will probably be very similar to the Microsoft certification. I would expect this will be tied to Silver, Gold and Platinum style partner programmes in the future. There was nothing new to this based on what was said at VMworld. 


As for the “white space” between VCP and VCA. VMware do plan an “advanced” certification. But we were given no idea of when that would be or what the requirements would be. Knowledge of or experience of the DSA style content would like to be a pre-requisite.



After VMware Education had filled us in with their plans we were treated to an introduction to Capacity Planner by VMware Instructor in EMEA, Andy Carey. We were given a sneak preview of presentations on CPU scheduling and VirtualCenter architecture. These sessions are available in the main TSX.

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