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VMTN Subscription – Signs of Movement

Current debate about the VMTN subscription.

Last night VMware employee, blogger, author-supremo Duncan Epping stepped into the online debate about the VMTN Subscription. If you're into VMware you will obviously know Duncan Epping’s Yellow Bricks website. It appears that VMware have for some time been investigating the option to re-introduce the VMTN Subs. Far from being prompted by the recent online activity, its been something they have been discussing internally for some time. Here’s what Duncan says:

During the weekend I dropped my management an email about this campaign and all the traction it had within the community. Literally within minutes I had a reply. I am happy to be able to confirm that we are investigating the option to reinstate the VMTN Subscription program. Keep in mind that starting a program like this does take time and the program will need a serious overhaul. As such I cannot make any promises on when this will happen. I do want to stress that all feedback is highly appreciated, we are listening! All blog posts voicing your opinion on why this should happen are more than welcome and all comments on the VMTN thread will be read by our team.

Head over to the community thread and post your feedback:

Since the time it was written, that forum post has garnered 3,650 views, and over 150 replies. So there appears to be some definite movement on the issue – but I think it's still important for folks to register their interest – so that senior management has a quantifiable measure of the numbers of people who are interested – it might even help them gauge what the initial demand might be if the offering was re-instated.

To that aim today a new site has been launched called –  It has been established by some of the folks at the Global VMUG – and there’s also a “Bring Back VMTN” page on the the MyVMUG Site. It’s my understanding that they have for sometime been lobbying VMware to add the VMTN Subscription into the “VMUG Advantage” package. Up until now it's been hard for them to demonstrate to VMware that real subterranean support exists for the move.

So please head off  to express your interest – I understand the poll will be used to offer hard quantifiable data to VMware. I’m a bit concern that this might split the responses – but I will leave it to you – you could register your interest on and also on the original forum post. You can follow the dialog on the MyVMUG Site as well.

The choice is yours.

Make your voice heard.

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