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VMware Fusion Technology Preview 2012

VMware have a open tech preview of the latest version of Fusion for the Mac

VMware has an open tech preview of the latest version of Fusion for the Mac. As this is a retail product it's an open TechPreview that anyone can download and play with, something that is unusual for VMware. Here’s the blurb!

The VMware Fusion Team is excited to invite you to participate in the VMware Fusion Technology Preview 2012 program. With the recent availability of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview and Ubuntu 12.04 Beta (Precise Pangolin), we thought it was the perfect time to release a technology preview to get your feedback on what may appear in future releases of VMware Fusion.

In this preview, we’d like you to try the following:

-        Running Windows 8 Consumer Preview and Windows Server 8 Beta as a guest

-        Running OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview as a guest if you are a member of the Mac Developer Program

-        Running Ubuntu 12.04 Beta in a virtual machine to test the new OpenGL driver

-        Graphics correctness running a range of applications

This is a public technology preview.  You may share this email with your peers to download and review the latest VMware virtualization platform.

Get Started Now:

1) Download and try the VMware Fusion Technology Preview:

2) When prompted, enter this expiring license key to enable the software:


Your participation in this technology preview program is an important part of the product development process. Your feedback helps the VMware Fusion Team:

-        Improve the implementation of new features

-        Guarantee a reliable installation experience

-        Increase product performance and stability

-        Test a broader number of operating systems and devices

-        Refine general usability

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