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VMware Launches the Technology Network

VMware has just launched the VMware Technology Network (VMTN).

VMware has just launched the VMware Technology Network (VMTN). This is what Paul Thourott  has to say:

“Whereas Microsoft has taken a very narrow-minded view of  virtualization–using the technology solely for backward compatibility and consolidation purposes–market leader VMware has consistently

impressed me with the innovative ways in which it has made this  technology mainstream. Case in point: This week, VMware announced a new  service called VMware Technology Network (VMTN). It’s worth looking at.   

VMTN is a subscription service and online resource site. Both aspects of VMTN are innovative. The subscription service–$299 a year per user–gives users VMware Workstation, VMware GSX Server, and a developer version of VMware ESX Server that includes Virtual SMP (team collaboration) and VMware P2V Assistant (migrates physical PCs to virtual machine–VM–environments). The online resource site provides–get this–free VMs that have prebuilt application environments, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. BEA Systems, MySQL AB, Novell, and Oracle have already signed on for the program, and VMware tells me it’s in talks with other companies.  

The VMTN online resource site is particularly interesting because it potentially changes the way in which companies can ship software applications. Think about it: Today, vendors rely on administrators and end users to install and configure applications. In the future, we might be able to distribute applications via single-file VMs.”

Read more and sign up at:

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