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VMware View the new name for

VMware release VMware View the new name for the “old” VMware Desktop Manager.

Well today VMware release VMware View the new name for the “old” VMware Desktop Manager. I did a web-ex session last Friday prior to the GA, along with my fellow VMware Certified Instructors. 

So VMware View still has the same web-based management front-end you and love (Ed: shouldn’t that be hate?) from VDM. The reason for the name change is two fold. Firstly, VMware View not only allows your end users to get to a virtual desktop using XP or Vista (Ed: Vista you must be bonkers to want to do that, have you seen the memory footprint?) but also to your Terminal Service boxes and even physical machines with MS RDP enabled. So now VMware View is your users “window” to the world. The second reason for the name change is – as we all know VDI and VDM, sound far too much like sexually transmitted unpleasantness…

On top of that their is offline desktops – away of carrying your virtual desktop around with you while your on the road and not able to connect to the network (Ed: yeah, trouble is its another bloody “experimental” feature. you’d think VMware would get bank loan to get some serious QA money in wouldn’t you). Additionally, there is also this “linked clones” feature where you get one “master” VM from all your other VMs are created. This saves disk space and aids in the mass deployment of a VDI environment – the entire feature is dubbed “VMware Composer”. So time hire out the penguin suit and find your baton.

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