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VMware “announce” the new Vi3 features

List of new Vi3 features that have been announced by VMware.

The main thing to say is that this is a just an announcement. There’s nothing new to download and install yet. In fact, some of these products (as far as I am aware) aren’t even on a private beta yet, never mind a public beta. Some of this was announced at VMworld in the keynotes. I’ll focus on what’s new:

  • 128GB of RAM for ESX 3.5
  • 64GB of RAM for Virtual Machines
  • Suport for Transparent Paravirtualization support for paravirtualized enabled Linux 2.6.21 kernels
  • Support for MMU – Memory Management Unit – support for memory page tables handled by the new CPUs
  • Support for NPIV – N-Port ID Virtualization – presenting a WWN to a VM
  • Support for TCP Segment Offload and jumbo frames
  • Suport for local SATA Drives
  • Support for 10GigE
  • Storage VMotion – Moving VMs files around while the VM is running
  • Protect against operating system failures with virtual machine failure monitoring (experimental) in VMware HA.
  • One-step restore of VMs using VMware Convertor/VirtualCenter
  • Distributed Power Management (Power down ESX hosts when you don’t need them
  • VMware Update Manager – “Windows Update” for ESX Hosts & the Vi Client  integrated with DRS
  • Consolidation Management – Mini-Capcity planner and VMware convertor integrated with VirtualCenter
  • Site Recovery Manager
  • ESX3i


Offical Press Release:

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