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VMware leaks staff…

Talks about people who are leaving VMware

Dianne Green RIP, Mendal Rosenblum RIP, Richard Sarwal RIP. Well, some would ask if this is a case of rats leaving a sinking ship, but I would say that would be deeply unfair. Mendal took a months holiday after the departure of his wife, and I guess it doesn’t come as a surprise. There’s a take on this which is that it is likely that Mendal didn’t have a regular input in the technical direction of VMware, but then again Mendal was always introduced as the Chief Architect and Founder. You can’t have it both ways.

Anyway, you never got a sense that Mendal was another Gates or Jobs. Whatever you think of departures, I think Mendal/Greene kitchen-table story will in years to come be one of those key stories of the IT industry. You get the feeling there is a being a cull at VMware – clearing people who probably got elevated to positions beyond the abilities just because they were in VMware early, and there was no-one else better to take that role.

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