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VMware to Acquire SpringSource (or was that MS?)

VMware are to acquire a company called SpringSource.

One of my pals Daniel Eason drew my attention to a rather humorous tidbit of info. But before I share that with you, let me get you up to speed. VMware are to acquire a company called SpringSource. According to this bit of text which I shamelessly lifted from Steve Herrods blogpost, SpringSource began as:

“….the commercial development team leading the innovative Spring portfolio of open source projects, an effort focused on providing a simpler, lighter-weight alternative to the Java EE (J2EE) standard. Led by Rod Johnson (author, enterprise java authority, and SpringSource CEO), Spring has become the de facto standard programming model for modern enterprise Java, rich web, and enterprise integration applications. Over the last couple of years, SpringSource has expanded their purview across an even broader range of offerings, employing the thought leaders within the Apache Tomcat, Apache HTTP Server, Hyperic, Groovy and Grails open source communities.”

This acquisition forms a long line of other acquisitions in the past from VMware, and the idea is for VMware to be able to offer the SpringSource environment as part of the VMware’s vApp/Cloud vision of the future. vApps, which are available to vSphere4 customers, allow you to download entire suites of multi-tier applications and then power them on – in a shrunk wrapped way.

My pal Daniel Eason sent me this link from ComputerWorld.

Spring may be coming soon for Microsoft’s Azure

Go ahead and read it if you'd like. But I will summarize it here. It was written by Paul Krill on the 24.07.2009. So it's not very old. In the article CEO of SpringSource (Rod Johnson) outlines how enthusiastic they are about partnering with Microsoft, specifically a cloud initiative called “Azure”. To quote Rod/the article:

“We’re absolutely open to working with them… Personally, I’m interested in talking with them about Azure and the Spring Java story for Azure… I think Spring developers should definitely be able to interoperate with Microsoft technologies, and I think there’s a bunch of stuff that they’re doing in Azure that may be of interest to our community… Right now, there’s essentially no business relationship that we have [with Microsoft]. We’re talking…”

Relationship? Talking? perhaps not now….

What are we to make of this? Has VMware scored a fantastic goal against M$, affectively kicking the ball between the open-legs of the goalkeeper of Microsoft? OR… does it say more about a media savvy world where every week there’s some lame story of how companyB intends to buy/merge/partner with companyA. A world where CEOs of CompanyB make upbeat comments about “talking” with companyA only to wind-up working with CompanyC. I dare say that the CEO of SpringSource knew what he was saying was disingenuous to say the least, but in the corporate culture he’d be strung up by the board for speculating about an acquisition that was under construction. Still it's only weeks ago since the ComputerWorld. Perhaps VMware saw this and thought, we should buy “SpringSource” ASAP, otherwise we will be left behind by Microsoft [I think not!]. This acquisition has probably been in the pipeline since sometime before the ComputerWorld article.

Moral of the story. Don’t always believe what you read on the Internet. 

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