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Vendorwag – Centrix [Episode 75]

Centrix Software specialise in analysing the activity of users desktops in real-time in order to gather data about application usage – called “WorkSpace iQ”.

This weeks vendorwag sees the return of Centrix Software. It’s a full 18 months since they were on the show, and they were one of the very first vendors to come onboard. In case you don’t know Centrix Software specialise in analysing the activity of users desktops in real-time in order to gather data about application usage – called “WorkSpace iQ”. The idea is to then use this data as part of your desktop deployment strategy – helping work out if the app should be installed to a PC or Virtual Desktop, streamed, ThinApp’d or XenApp’d and so on. The also have an application and  content broker called “WorkSpace Universal” which from a single logon gives your users access to all their applications and content via single sign-on (sound familiar?). There is a free version of Centrix Workspace, called WorkSpace iQStart an application which is a fully functional free inventory tool.

With me in the videos is Richard Pegden who is the Director of Product Marketing. Here’s his bio from Centrix Software’s Management Team page:

Richard has over 15 years experience in customer-facing roles for software vendors, including 10 years in product management and product marketing. Richard understands customer needs and challenges and has a track record of driving greater customer focus into organizations. Throughout his roles, Richard has led product and messaging strategy and has consistently worked closely with sales teams to enable significantly increased revenues.  Richard was previously Head of Product Marketing at application modernization vendor Micro Focus. Prior to this, he spent ten years in the Service Management industry, including 7 years at BMC Software.

In his role at Centrix Software, Richard is responsible for all product marketing activities, including product launches, messaging, training the sales team and extended channel partners in new product features and informing industry analysts of our product progression.

The Vendorwag now takes the format of 3 videos which was pioneered in Silicon Valley as part of my “Vendorwag in the Valley” series – The first video is the “Elevator Pitch” – watch this if you’re new to Centrix Software or if you need a good video to send to your manager – because its all about the business benefits, customers, go-to-market strategy. The second video is the “Product Lowdown” – this is a more technical video where Richard briefs us on Centrix WorkSpace iQ and WorkSpace Universal. The third and final video I call the “Techknowledgy Demo” – this is a hands on demo of the product from both the user and administrator perspective. If you like what you hear in the “Product Lowdown” this would be a good follow through video after that. If you’re more a see-show-tell person then the Techknowledgy Demo is for you…

The Elevator Pitch:

The Product Lowdown:

The Techknowledgy Demo:

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