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Vendorwag in the Valley – NetApp

On the second day of the Vendorwag in the Valley series I stopped by the offices of NetApp in Sunnyvale.

On the second day of the Vendorwag in the Valley series I stopped by the offices of NetApp in Sunnyvale. Sunny it definitely was not – considering it rained for seemed like all day in the Valley. When I say “offices” of NetApp that’s being a bit throw away – there’s actually 10 or more large building all around which makes it feel like a business park dedicated to NetApp. My main speaker is Vaughn Stewart who I have known for some time.

NetApp are company which hopefully don’t need an introduction – so we had to dispense with the formality of a “Elevator Pitch”. Instead we focused on three main areas:

  • OnCommand Insight Balance – which is the companies new performance analysis tool, from an acquisition of Akori a couple of years ago. I first came across OnCommand Insight Balance whilst at the first Virtualization TechField Day organized by Stephen Fosket of
  • OnTap8 – The new version of OnTap introduces the concept of the VServer – and adds a layer of “virtualization” to the storage layer
  • Virtual Storage Console v4.x – This is a new version of the Virtual Storage Console, which RTFM readers will know that storage vendor plug-ins in vCenter are one of my favourite things! This video outlines the new functionality including a new method to make sure all your VMs are aligned, without needing to modify the guest operating system…

Each technology comes with a video discussion between myself and Vaughn. Watch out – we have a few laughs along the way! Each discussion is accompanied by on-screen demo of the tech. One of those was done live at NetApp, and the other two were provided later because we kinda ran out of time, and folks were busy with deadlines for the end of the week.

Vaughn Stewart is a Director for Cloud Computing and ‘the virtualization evangelist’ at NetApp. He represents NetApp in the Open Virtualization Alliance, publishes The Virtual Storage Guy blog, is a co-author of the forthcoming book, ‘Virtualization Changes Everything’, has a patent pending, is recognized by VMware as vExpert, and holds several industry certifications.

OnCommand Insight Balance – Product Lowdown with Vaughn Stewart

OnCommand Insight Balance – Techknowledgy Demo 


Neil Glick is a virtualization expert at NetApp. He designs and implements end to end virtualization solutions and drives integration between storage and virtualization platform.  He has authored several virtualization best practice and deployment technical papers at NetApp.

OnTap8 – Product Lowdown with Vaughn Stewart


Virtual Storage Console v4.x – Product Lowdown with Vaughn Stewart

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