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Vendorwag in the Valley – PanoLogic

Pano System 5.0 includes everything you need to deploy virtual desktops on top of your VMware, Microsoft or Citrix virtualization platform.

My very last “Vendorwag in the Valley” is with Zero Client specialists, PanoLogic. Pano System 5.0 includes everything you need to deploy virtual desktops on top of your VMware, Microsoft or Citrix virtualization platform. In one package and for one low price you get both our unique award-winning Pano Zero Client and the comprehensive hypervisor-independent Pano Controller management front-end, and the new Pano Maestro cross-group management tool. Together they provide a proven and integrated solution that lets you easily provision, deploy, monitor, and control your virtual desktops.

As with the other videos in the “Vendorwag in the Valley” we have diced & sliced them into 4 courses. First video is the “elevator pitch” which gives an introduction about who PanoLogic  are, what they do, and what their unique value-proposition is. Watch this video if you have never come across PanoLogic before. The second video is a slightly more technical video were we discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the product. The third video is for the geeks who are in technical stuff – learn more about how it works with the Techknowlegy series.

In last episode I take part in the PC Challenge where I try to work out which device is a PC, Thin Client or PanoLogic Zero Client!

Mike Fodor – Executive Vice President of Customer Success

As executive vice president of customer success, Mike ensures Pano Logic customers have the dedicated technical resources that ensure a smooth transformation from PCs to zero client VDI. The first to occupy the position at Pano Logic, Mike assumed the role after more than five years as Pano Logic’s vice president of product management. In that post, Mike developed and maintained close ties with the customer community and leveraged that insight to influence product development cycles to meet evolving end user needs. Mike began his career in Southern California as a technology manager for Walt Disney Feature Animation. He has spent more than a decade in Silicon Valley, holding management posts at NetIQ and PeopleSoft before joining Pano Logic. Mike holds an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University.

The Elevator Pitch:

The Techknowledgy Lowdown:

The Techknowledgy Demo:

The PC Challenge:

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