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Vendorwag in the Valley – Pure Storage

An introduction to Pure Storage

As with the other videos in the “Vendorwag in the Valley” we have diced & sliced them into 3 course, or one jumbo portion. First video is the “elevator pitch” which gives an introduction from the CEO about who Pure Storage are, what they do, and what their unique value-proposition is. What this video if you have never come across Pure Storage before. The second video is a slightly more technical video were we discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the solution. The third video is for the geeks who are in technical stuff – learn more about how it works with the Techknowlegy series.

Scott Dietzen, CEO


Scott Dietzen is a three-time successful entrepreneur with WebLogic, Zimbra, and Transarc. Most recently, he was President and CTO of Zimbra, a vendor of open source messaging and collaboration software. Zimbra (now part of VMware) was a pioneer of the Web 2.0 and Open Core paradigms. Zimbra was originally acquired by Yahoo!, where Dietzen served as interim SVP of Communications and Communities. Prior to Zimbra, Dietzen was CTO of BEA Systems, where he helped craft the technology and business strategy for WebLogic that drove BEA from $61m in annual revenues prior to the WebLogic acquisition to over $1B. Dietzen came to BEA in 1998 via the acquisition of WebLogic, an innovator in Java and web application server technology. Prior to WebLogic, Dietzen was Principal Technologist of Transarc (acquired by IBM), a developer of distributed transaction and file sharing systems. He also currently serves on the board of big-data trailblazer Cloudera. He earned his Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science and B.S. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

The Elevator Pitch Video

Matt Kixmoeller, VP of Products


Matt Kixmoeller is a storage veteran who saw first-hand the last major storage technology media upgrade: the move from tape to disk in the backup market. Matt was Vice President of enterprise product management for Symantec’s Information Management products, including the NetBackup and Enterprise Vault. Kixmoeller oversaw product strategy and vision, engineering direction, and go-to-market activities for this $1B+ global product line. During his tenure Kixmoeller also held similar roles managing other Symantec products such as the Storage Foundation and CommandCentral Storage. Kixmoeller joined Symantec in 2005 as part of the merger with VERITAS Software Corporation. Prior to joining VERITAS Software, Kixmoeller was co-founder of Centrata, a leading provider of IT service management software. He has also held positions with Adaptec and Gemini Consulting (now Cap Gemini, Ernst & Young). Kixmoeller holds a degree in engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Product Lowdown


Ravi Venkat, Virtualization Solutions Architect

Ravi Venkat is Pure Storage’s Virtualization Solutions Architect and an expert at the intersection of flash and virtualization.  He tests the Pure Storage FlashArray in the lab in a variety of virtualization use cases (server virtualization, VDI, backup, DR, migrations, etc.) and across all the major virtualization platforms (VMware, Hyper-V, Xen, etc.).  Ravi also works closely with customers in key virtualization deployments, helping them understand how flash can improve their virtualized datacenters. Prior to Pure Storage, Ravi was the lead virtualization Solutions Architect at Cisco, helping drive the momentum that Cisco has had with the Unified Computing System, UCS.  Prior to Cisco, Ravi was part of the storage engineering team at VMware, and was part of the engineering team at VERITAS working on storage virtualization and file system technologies.

The Techknowledgy Demo 1: Provisioning New Storage

The Techknowledgy Demo 2: Pure Storage and Virtual Desktop IO

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