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Vendorwag in the Valley – Xsigo

As with the other videos in the “Vendorwag in the Valley” we have diced & sliced them into 4 courses.

As with the other videos in the “Vendorwag in the Valley” we have diced & sliced them into 4 courses. First video is the “elevator pitch” which gives an introduction from Jon Toor about who Xsigo are, what they do, and what their unique value-proposition is. Watch this video if you have never come across Xsigo before. The second video is a slightly more technical video were we discuss in detail the advantages and disadvantages of the solution. Cam and I had sooo much discuss we ended up doing two videos (part 1/2) rather than making one jumbo-sized discussion. I feel these two video as techy as the 4th video.

The forth video is for the geeks who are in technical stuff – learn more about how it works with the Techknowlegy Demo series.

Jon Toor, VP of Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing, Mr. Toor brings over 20 years of storage experience to Xsigo. Prior to Xsigo, he served at ONStor as Vice President of Marketing. Before ONStor, Mr. Toor was Senior Director of Marketing at Maxtor, leading the marketing department of the company’s Network Systems Group, a startup NAS vendor.

The Elevator Pitch Video with Jon Toor

Cam Ford, Product Management

Cam Ford is a Director of Product Management at Xsigo. Prior to Xsigo, he was with Seagate, serving as Senior Director of Strategic Marketing and New Business Initiatives. Cam has also served in senior product management and strategic planning roles at Intel, Brocade, and Omneon. Cam holds an MBA from the University of Florida, an MSEE from Florida State University, and a BSEE from the University of Maryland.

The Product Lowdown with Cam Ford – Part One

The Product Lowdown with Cam Ford – Part Two


The Techknowledgy Demo with Cam Ford

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