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Vendorwag with VMTurbo [Episode 78]

Vendorwag with VMTurbo

This weeks vendorwag is with VMTurbo, “VMTurbo delivers an intelligent workload management solution providing service assurance and infrastructure efficiency for cloud and virtualized environments. With an emphasis on prevention, VMTurbo delivers an intelligent and automated control plane for cloud and virtualized datacenters. Easy to deploy and simple to administer, VMTurbo Operations Manager assures application performance, operational efficiency and optimal resource utilization.”

I initially spoke to Derek Slayton who is Vice President of Marketing - Derek leads corporate, product and channel marketing at VMTurbo. Prior to joining the company, Derek was the senior director of product marketing and management at Citrix Systems where he drove the product direction, positioning and go-to-market strategies for the XenServer virtualization platform and cloud management solutions. Before joining Citrix, Derek ran marketing for Reflectent Software, an application performance management solution acquired by Citrix in May, 2006. Derek joined Reflectent in 2004 from Enterasys Networks where he managed the company’s worldwide channel marketing efforts as director of global channel and field marketing. While at Enterasys he also oversaw the North American field operations and marketing organization helping the company to shift from a direct sales organization to a channel model and grow revenues to $600M. Prior to his tenure at Enterasys, Derek was responsible for the ProductSource offering at OrderTrust where he had P&L and product management responsibilities in bringing to market the company’s software-as-a-service offering for e-commerce retailers. Derek holds a bachelor’s degree in history and economics from Davidson College and an MBA from the F.W. Olin School of Business at Babson College.

And then after that I did the Product Lowdown and Techknowledgy Demo with Yuri Rabover who is Vice President of Product Strategy and the co-founder. Prior to joining VMTurbo, Yuri managed the Advanced Solution group in the EMC CTO Office and worked very closely with EMC’s Architecture and Applied Research teams in prototyping and innovating across a broad range of technology stacks and solutions. He joined EMC with the acquisition of SMARTS. Yuri had a long and diverse career with SMARTS: he was a member of the founding team, managed engineering and product development, and was responsible for technology partnership development, managing relationships with strategic accounts. Yuri worked in several other high-tech startups managing engineering and products in storage and system management, IP telephony and collaboration. Earlier in his career, Yuri managed a research lab at the Russian Academy of Sciences Informatics Institute, carrying out applied research in operating systems, resource management, and user interfaces.  Yuri holds a B.S. in electrical engineering and M.S. in computer science from Moscow Technical University of Electronic Engineering and a Ph.D. in computer science from Russian Academy of Sciences Informatics Institute.

The Elevator Pitch:

The Product LowDown:

The Techknowledgy Demo:

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