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View5 Upgrade Experience

An overall smooth and painless upgrade. This describes a couple of the minor problems with the upgrade experience.

Last week I decided to upgrade my View4.6 lab to View5. I’d have to say the upgrade was smooth and painless – except that after the upgrade I had problems with PCoIP connections through the firewall. Looking at the Connection Server (CS) settings everything seemed fine. All the settings behind the CS had been maintained via the upgrade… When I upgraded the Security Server (SS), I was asked to “Specify Security Server Pairing Password”. In case you don’t know every SS that is installed is uniquely paired to the CS; this is done via pairing password to make sure folks can’t go around pairing SS to CS.

Although I could connect to the public FQDN, and get so far as selecting a desktop, my connection kept on being dropped before the desktop was initialized. This looked like a classic failure to open the PCoIP port on the firewall. But I had done that many months ago. So what changed?

Well, it looks as if the upgrade of the SS blatted the previous settings of the SS. I discovered, to my horror, that settings behind the SS itself had reverted to internal IP addresses…

These are held in:

View Configuration >> Servers >> Security Servers Pane >> Select the SS and click Edit…

I had to clear out the private IP (in the 192.168.3.x range) and replace with public FQDN and public IP address.

Once these were in place the connection proceeded without an error.

I’m still not sure if this was a personal funky experience, something to do with the upgrade or a known-issue, that I didn’t know about.

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