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VirtInfo: Short-Takes2

with information from VMware VIP Central leaking out to the internet – the news that ESX3i will become free.

Well, its been an eventful week – with information from VMware VIP Central leaking out to the internet – the news that ESX3i will become free… was there first. The information has been confirmed by the leak of VMware VIP email. An official announcement should be coming on the 28th by the sounds of things.

If you want to get a real in-depth round up on the significance of this move – you could do so by looking at Mike DiPetrillo's analysis here:

Putting this big change to one-side – here’s a round up of interesting tid-bits around virtualization. – ThinApp 4.0:
The very popular Geert Baeke – has been making some very nicely put together mini-tutorials on ThinApp. I’ve not looked at ThinApp at all. But, when I have the time, I want to look at this – I was impressed by Thinstall's model

A bunch of Chris Wolf Blog Posts:
Chris Wolf had a couple of interesting blog posts this week – along with commentary on the whole "ESX3i is free business". First up is a blog post about AMD’s Nest Page Tables. In case you don’t have this hardware assist for memory – rather than hypervisor having to work hard to map virtual machine memory to physical machine memory – it can be offloaded to the CPU. Of course VMware & Xen both support this new process enhancement.

Second up, is Chris’s perspective on the whole Dianne Green debacle. Like me, Chris was on holiday when this story blew up – so Chris is offering a more heavily considered opinion.

A Bunch of David Marshall Post:
Over on David Marshall’s we have a story where Microsoft executives claim they are taking a slice of VMware’s pie.

I must admit – I’m treating what MS is saying about this with a grain of salt. I was over on where one of their reports was saying they could not get from Microsoft one SINGLE independent customer with a user story to tell.

David also reports that VMware has opened a VMware PowerShell scripting contest with various prizes. If you are handy with PowerShell – head over to here:

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