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VirtInfo: Short Takes3

A weekly round-up on interesting issues concerning virtualization.

Here’s a weekly round-up on interesting issues concerning virtualization:

PXE booting the ESX3i Kernel
From Chris Wolf’s website I’ve seen a couple of very interesting posts. Firstly, if you're curious about PXE booting the ESX3i product, there’s this post:

Oracle support for Virtual Machines
Chris also does a great job on the issue of poor quality support from Oracle for virtual machines

Who has the most cost effective virtual infrastructure
There’s been a number of attempts at the costs of various virtual infrastructure platforms. I really have a lot of time for Chris's assessment after he opened my eyes to some licensing gotchas in Canne this year.

Vi3book Review….
Chris has some very nice comments for our Vi3 book. There seems to have been a very high and unexpected demand for the book which has occasionally lead it to be in and out of stock on various websites. Bear with us we will get it to you!

Meanwhile David Marshall has been busy on his blog too.

DR a hot topic:
Of interest to me personally, David flagged up a survey that shows that DR is THE top issue for organizations.

VMware Education Launches a New Certification Programme
Well, it's been coming along for awhile (I remember talk about this in 2006 at VMworld LA) but it's finally out. I’ve been told that VMware does not expect the world and his wife to achieve the certification. Perhaps you're a candidate:

VMware’s VDM wins Visual Studio Magazine’s 2008 Readers Choice Awards
This was a surprise to me. I wasn’t especially blown away by VDM. It does the job that a broker does, I guess after many years of doing Citrix – getting an SSL channel to XP desktop doesn’t fire my passion as it should. Nonetheless the readers of the mag rated it:

From MS Virtualization FUD Machine blog
It's another one of these curious sounding customer testimonies – what’s curious about them? Well, they all have the same tone, almost like they have been written by the same person in a PR team. Like companyname with other company name.

Well, I guess in a couple months – the PR party will move on to some other MS offering like taking on Google or the-next-big-buzz word. Let’s see, that will be “cloud”…

From the Register – Symantec offers a Broker and Application Streaming
Is there anyone who doesn’t have a brokering offer and some way of streaming applications to that desktop? Symantec has one now called AppStream. So that’s SoftGrid, ThinApp, AppStream. So I’m thinking I will call mine SoftApp or ThinGrid or SoftStream

From the VMTM Team Blog – Vi3.5 Update 2
Want to learn more about the new features in 3.5 U2?Well, here’s a round up of the key features and what they do for us

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