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VirtInfo: Short-Takes4

This offers an often irreverent overview of the week's virtualization news.

Taking its name from the very popular Microsoft Weekly round-up, this is “WinInfo: Short Takes”. This weekly blog post offers an often irreverent overview of the week's virtualization news. 

More vCPUs doesn’t always mean faster/quicker
This  interesting blog post from the Vooom! part of the blogs covers a very interesting topic called “Simultaneous Scheduling”. So you regale your fellow guests at the cocktail parties you attend with your erudite knowledge of how vCPUs are scheduled on to physical CPUs.

PowerShell/VMware roundtable
This is a round table discussion/podcast on all things PowersHell related.  I was invited by John Troyer of the VMTN to join in, but really my knowledge/understanding of PowersHell is pretty rudimentary. I know what it does and I know what I want it do. It’s just the typing of the code itself I’m not so hot on.

VMware site recovery manager forum opens
Well, it's been beta for sometime, but now we have a GA version. We have a forum dedicated to just SRM. But I would have to say it's a bit lonely there. There are only me and my mate, Mr-T. hanging out there. Mr. T. is  “Stuart Thompson” of ComputerCenter UK. He’s my buddy from the London VMware User Group Steering Committee. We’ve been calling each other all week because the forum hasn't really been very active. Please come and make use feel less alone. Right now, we're Billy No Mates. What’s really annoying is Mr-T is ALREADY beating me on forum posts. He’s got 2. And I’ve got 1….

VMworld Europe 2009 – Canne
Well, it's in surrender-monkey land again.  Sorry, no disrespect to my Galic-chums, but for the nTh time in a row next year's VMworld will be in France. There are other European countries you know. I mean, the United Kingdom is practically in Europe now! Anyway, Richard G of let it slip that it will be Canne- again slated for the Feb 24th - 26th. 

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