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VirtInfo: Short-Takes5

Here’s a weekly round-up on interesting issues concerning virtualization.

Here’s a weekly round up on interesting issues concerning virtualization.

EMC has no intention of selling VMware:
In an interview with Joe Tucci, the CEO of EMC, it was made clear that EMC has no intention of selling or spinning-off VMware. This should NOT come as a shock. After all, why sell off a company who is growing and who’s share price probably doesn’t reflect its value as much as it reflects the volatile economic climate. I guess this will only fuel speculation about Dianne Greene's departure. The full interview is here on

Virtual Infrastructure Toolkit for Windows 1.0 (AKA PowerShell for VMware) is released:
I’ve been playing about with the beta of VMware PowerShell Toolkit for sometime, together with the Community Technical Preview of Microsoft version 2.0 of PowerShell. I’m no scripter myself, but all those squarely brackets and pipe symbols | can send you a bit dizzy. But so far I’ve been impressed. What I like about it is how you can do certain “bulk admin” tasks that currently are not available in VirtualCenter…

Veeam’s new backup tool hits the streets:
Well, if you are a fan of Reporter and FastSCP then this might be worth checking out too. It’s not exactly “new”, as  this is Veeam’s second release. Veeam’s backup is a bit unique in that it includes both backup and replication in a single bundle. There’s a demo, an eval and even a live demo with an engineer if you're really interested

Virtualizatio Congress – London – 14th-16th October
Over on, Alessandro Perilli has rather impressively put together a conference to rival VMworld! I’m hoping to attend this first ever Virtualization Congress, not least because it's on my patch (not that I live in London!). I hope my schedule allows me to do so.

Chris Woolf Review HyperV for Redmond Magazine:
Chris Woolf has written a review of HyperV. A couple of months ago, I predicted a perfect storm of FUD would hit the Internet on the release of HyperV and I wasn’t wrong. With claim and counter-claim made by all parts, (VMware Vs Microsoft) sometimes it feels like an acrimonious divorce of a couple who were never actually married. Personally, I’m already tired of the whole VMware Vs Microsoft, and I think I will reserve my limited resources to doing what I’m good at, rather than trying to counter-act a wall of FUD. Anyway, I don’t agree at all times with Chris' assessment, but I do respect the guy and I think it's about as fair/balanced of an assessment as you will get outside of or  

So ESX3i is free – Yippee – What’s ESX3i?:
With all the news about the hypervisor being a commodity, now that the dust has settled you might be saying to yourself, "this is great news, but I know very little about ESX3i". You do no harm to your brain cells by visiting the VMTM blog which has a podcast and round up of ESX 3i resources.  

- see also

Just to remind you – I was one of the first to release a guide on ESX3i. This was just after the gagging order (NDA and Beta Programmes) was lifted.

I’ve not reviewed the guide for sometime. But now that it’s free, I think when I get time I will update it and chuck in some proper coverage of the RCLI and how to manage ESX3i with PowerShell via VirtualCenter. I’m thinking once I’ve got this batch of development out of the way, I’m going to stop ESX 3.5, and force myself to use ESX3i instead. This week I had my first students/customers who were going down the ESX3i only route. It’s the shape of things to come my COS friends :-)

A bunch of hosting companies have come out in favor of HyperV on the Microsoft Website:
I don’t know about you, but I honestly find this kind of infomercial stuff a bit nauseating. I’m afraid not one day goes by where or have some yawn inducing customer-testimonial appearing on their websites. Personally, I find them a bit tedious and suspect. I’m always wondering what kind of quid-pro quo was arranged in exchange for some call-independent glowing reference. That’s what makes this stuff really smell. I don’t mind people saying something is good, but when there are absolutely no problems at all, you learn nothing. Worst of all, it sounds like the worst kind of brown-nose fawning. All together, dancing monkey style, “I LOVE THIS COMPANY”.

This is the kind of stuff I’m talking about

VMware Infrastructure Has Eliminated Unplanned Application Downtime, Strengthens Resiliency for United Bancorp
Guest Post: Going Live with Hyper-V for
Guest Post: Why Microsoft and Hyper-V for HostBasket

This last blog post is a total hoot to read. It has comments like:

“We have been investigating virtualization technologies such as Xen, VMWare and Virtuozzo, but always found problems (such as security-issues, complex and expensive licensing, stability or scalability) that kept us from creating a virtual machine-offer.”


“We opted not to use the term “Virtual servers” for our offer, because a “virtual server” implies less value for money than a dedicated server. Also, “Virtual servers” are often associated with cheap solutions based on Parallels Virtuozzo.”


“Our solutions based on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V provide more functionality (like snapshotting, easy installation, flexible upgrading), are more secure and stable and have a features that guarantee a higher uptime than dedicated servers.”

Well, you know what? The hosting company that acts as my colocation for all my dev hardware does virtualization. They don’t use VMware, they find it too expensive. But they don’t use HyperV either. They use VirtualIron which as a hypervisor that totally fits their needs. It’s hard to wonder what “security” needs HyperV addresses that either ESX or some hypervisor cannot offer. Unless you like rebooting your hypervisor whenever there’s a patch Tuesday and “Obama” needs adding to the MS Dictionary!

VOOOM! – Releases DRS Whitepaper
There’s a surprising small amount of really technical information about DRS. The clever little folks at VMware do want to keep the competition in the dark after all. Nonetheless, the people at VOOOM! (VMware’s performance blog) have written a white paper about DRS which is well-worth looking at.

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