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Week2: The VMTN Subscription Movement

An update on what is going on in the second week of the VMTN Subscription Movement.

Well, we are into our second week of the VMTN Movement. Things are chugging along nicely, although there has been a significant tailing off in activity on the Community Forum post that I started :

We're currently running at 5,560 views, and 200 some-odd replies. Many of those are +1s which is something I called for in my original post. I’m now wondering if that call was very smart, as what we really need are people putting some time and effort into expressing their opinions. Of course, the trouble is that there is OVERWHELMING support for the reintroduction of the VMTN Subscription, where the debate is how it should be done, and how to protect it from “misuse”.

There’s been increased activity in the bloggersphere – and if you are interest in hearing what my fellow peers/bloggers think you can locate a hand list here:

On a lighter note – I noticed some bloggers have been creative in making their own photos & pictures symbolizing the Movement. Many of them have picked up on the recent “Occupy” campaign. Indeed, for a while OccupyVMware was a popular hashtag. Personally, I’m not sure if we really want that association. Putting aside whether you agree or not with the Occupy Movement, it seems apparent to me that often their objectives are unclear and their tactics not well thought out. I’d like to think our goals, objectives and tactics are much more directed than that. But anyway, the association is a fun one, and the photos are great!


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