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Why "good enough" is just not "good enough" for VMware

Will MS sunset VMware? Will VMware become the next Novell? Read this column to find out.

Well, it's on again. That old chestnut that just refuses to go away. Will MS sunset VMware? Will VMware become the next Novell? The tired old staple of many a blog post and pundit a like. You know why I get so tired of this argument?

Firstly, it’s so hampered by binary thinking. Yes, I know binary is important part of IT, but the problem with it, is that stain can be felt on the way people in IT like to think. It’s Yes or No, its On or Off, its 1 or 0. It’s VMware or Microsoft. Thinking like this patently ignores any attempt at lateral thinking or business realities. Look at other aspects of IT where there is not just more than one vendors but a multitude. There is more than one OEM server vendor (Dell, HP, IBM), more than one storage vendor (NetApp, EMC, FalconStor, 3PAR, ad nauseam), more than one backup vendor (Symantec, Legato, CommVault). So why can’t we have more than one virtualization vendor (VMware, MS, Citrix)? Heck, some of us might actually think that more than one vendor is implicit GOOD thing – for both healthy competition and allowing customers to play one vendor against another. In the spirit of free-enterprise, I welcome the fact that VMware’s competitors products are maturing. My god, they started from such a low point, the only way is up.

What inspired this post was reading an article on [on VMware and its competition]. In the article, David Cappuccio, Research vice president, Gartner Research states that “Good enough always wins out in the long run.” I’ve got news for David, he’s wrong. Dead wrong. More wrong than Gartner has been in a long time. Good enough will NOT do. I’ve had 16 years of experience of various products in IT, and tell you that I and the customers I work with, are sick of the “good enough” mentality that seems to riddle our industry. An industry where customers (essential business managers, who know jack about IT) select the “good enough” over the advice of their highly paid and experienced IT staffers. And you know what happens once they have selected the “good enough” solution, and then employed us to implement it? They scream out how useless it is and how its “just not good enough”. [End Rant]

Consider this: If you buy a “just good enough” solution, it will always be that – “just good enough”. It will always fail and disappoint you. Until it is replaced with a solution which actually works. What annoys me about this sort of “good enough” claptrap is that is so uninspired – rather than pushing ourselves and our technology to moon, we should just settle for the horse cart – after all wasn’t that just “good enough”?

Finally, you must remember what virtualization is – not matter how “commoditized” the Hypervisor becomes. This thing RUNS your infrastructure. If it doesn’t work, you're in the weeds. Good enough won’t be good enough then.

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