Chinwag with Andi Mann [Epidsode 56]


This weeks waggie is Andi Mann of CA Technologies.  You can find his personal blog here: I first met the guy at last years VMworld in Copenhagen. We were on a photography based walking tour – and at the end the guys all gathered around table to rest our weary feet and sup a few beers and discuss all matters cloud and virtualization based. 


Here’s a bit more about Andi culled from his company profile page:


Andi Mann is vice president of Strategic Solutions at CA Technologies. With over 20 years’ experience across four continents, Andi has deep expertise of enterprise software on cloud, mainframe, midrange, server and desktop systems. Andi has worked within IT departments for governments and corporations, from small businesses to global multi-nationals; with several large enterprise software vendors; and as a leading industry analyst advising enterprises, governments, and IT vendors – from startups to the worlds’ largest companies. He has been widely published including in the New York Times, USA Today, CIO, ComputerWorld, InformationWeek, TechTarget, and more. He has presented around the world on virtualization, cloud, automation, and IT management, at events such as Gartner ITxpo, VMworld, CA World, Interop, Cloud Computing Expo, SAPPHIRE, Citrix Synergy, Cloud Slam, and others. Andi is a co-author of the popular handbook, ‘Visible Ops – Private Cloud’; he blogs at ‘Andi Mann – Übergeek’ (, and tweets as @AndiMann.


Andi’s work recently has taken him to writing a short form book (i.e. its digestible and easy to read)  about the private cloud.



Andi and I covered a wide range of questions – and we simple didn’t have enough time to cover every topic. These are the questions we DID manage to get through in our time!

  1. Folks used to talk about VM Sprawl, now their talking about VM stall. What is VM Stall, and what causes it?
  2. I see you took a side swipe at the “the software mainframe” analogy for virtualization – go on let rip!
  3. So you have just published a new book on virtualization and private cloud – what is that all about?
  4. There’s a lot of talk on both sides about whether or not ITIL can coexist with virtualization and cloud. What is your take on that?
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