Chinwag with Bob Plankers [Episode 74]


This weeks chinwag is with Bob Plankers. He’s active on Twitter & runs his own blog called - In the chinwag we discussed a range of issues including:


Q. Bob you recently wrote a blog post outlining what you think are three Failings of Virtual Appliances Can you tells us more?


Q. Bob, like me you take issue with buzzwords – tells us what you think the “Realities of Single Panes of Glass” – do they just end up as “Multiple Pains of Glass”?


Q. Bob, you recently had a run in with Rackspace and their haphazard maintenance. Care to tell us all about the strange and terrible saga?


Q. I understand your working on a new home back up system using - CrashPlan, TrueCrypt, and Hamachi. Can you tell us more?

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