Chinwag with Chris Dearden [Episode 01]

[Part 2 of this chinwag]

This weeks chinwag is with Chris Dearden. It’s the first chinwag I’ve done – so many thanks to Chris for being my hapless guinea pig. I learnt quite a bit in the recent weeks preparing for this – which I think is subject in its own right. There are SO many competing formats, software and publishing methods for video. There are some practical concerns as well – such as watching a delivery man look at me weirdly when I don’t answer the door because I’m in the middle of chinwag!


You can keep in touch with Chris by following him on twitter. In his spare time Chris enjoys killing people with paint apparently.


Footnote: In the chinwag, Chris mentions a password management tools they are considering for ESXI. It’s called Secret Server




Chris works for a major financial institution (who will remain nameless!). Chris has been working in IT for about 10 years, although a relative newcomer to virtualization. It’s something that’s taken his interest more than any other technology. Inspired by some of the high quality of technology blogs out there, he got talked into starting his own by a colleague – its at its fledgling stages currently but like all bloggers, but he has high hopes! When not knee deep in ESX clusters, Chris is also an administrator on the forums, one of the UK’s larger tech communities.


In the chinwag we discussed, the planned move of a very large number of VMs from the US – and also some challenges he’s been facing with VMware Snapshots. There is a second half of this chinwag here.

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