Chinwag with Craig Waters [Episode 36]


Yes, after a break of a couple of weeks the chinwag is back. I had so many vendorwags that I had to let a couple out of the bag to balance the whole lot out.


If you follow my blog you might know that I’ve been doing a couple of competitions – mainly to offload some of the vendorSwag that sometimes comes my way – anyway, Craig Water’s won a competition a couple of weeks (is that months?) ago… and as we chatted via e-mail our discussion turned towards VMware SRM and DR generally. In the end I thought I would be a great idea to have Criag on the “show”.  Anyway, this is a bit of background on Criag:


Craig Waters of AUSTRALIA. Criag is a Virtualisation Architect and Data Centre specialist with over 15 years experience in IT, a self-employed IT consultant providing solutions utilizing VMware virtualisation with storage and networking infrastructure technologies.  He recently became the chairman of the Melbourne VMUG, and is looking forward to meeting other IT Professionals and sharing my IT knowledge and experience. He’s keen to contribute to the future development of SRM after having designed and implemented the product for his current customer (55 VMs, 6 ESX hosts 4Prod & 2DR, 2 x CX4-240?s with MirrorView/S all going over a 1Gbps microwave link <would you believe>!!!).


If you want to follow Craig on Twitter is ID is @cswaters1, and the next Melbourne VMUG is on the 9th of December, 2010


Here’s the list of question and topics we talked about:

  • Do you need a high level of virtualization to adopt VMware Site Recovery Manager? Is there a %-point of virtualization that’s a trigger for adopting VMware SRM, or is it really about the applications/services within the VM?
  • What level expertise do you need to implement SRM, and what business process do you need to go through to successfully deploy SRM? If storage is critical, how do you go about carving up your storage?
  • Question for Mike… What made you use a virtual appliance for the first SRM 1.0 book?
  • Does SRM work for the failover of an individual VM, and what does the business need to know about SRM capabilities? Do customers want this level of granularity and what would be needed to deliver this…?
  • What is like to upgrade from SRM 1.0 to 4.1 – as there is no direct upgrade path.
  • What are some of the UI issues with Recovery Plans?
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