Chinwag with Daniel Eason [Episode 22]


This weeks chinwaggee is Daniel Eason – I know Dan from attending the User Group in London. Plus I follow his blog and tweets. He’s  currently an IT Infrastructure Architect from the UK working for airline. His main specialities are within the key areas of a Datacentre Infrastructure, and this covers technology such as Virtualisation for Server and Storage environments, Backup and Continuity, Automation and Management and Messaging. Additionally he’s also responsible at a strategic level for other core areas of IT in business such as DR/Continuity planning and Service Management. His blog is:


and you can follow him on twitter here –


Using Dan’s blog posts, I get Dan to explain what the C2C Design Approach is, and quiz him about his thoughts about PaaS… Dan has a humorous blog post entitled “Paasing Out” which caught my eye… We also chatted about how although we have more memory than ever, its also the case the memory demands of operating systems are increasing too…

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