Chinwag with Dante Orsini [Episode 55]


This weeks chinwag is with Dante Orsini of I recently hooked up with representative of in my local city of Nottingham in the UK. It was just an informal cloud chat over a lunch time bite to eat. As ever these sort of informal discussions are always very interesting and fruitful. Heck, the number of times I should have a recorder with me for these sorts of chats is more than I can remember. Anyway, I arrange to chat with the folks about their vCloud Director offering, and also just talk about cloudy issues generally. This podcast falls into the “chinwag” category, because I asked Dante not to sell, or its services – but just talk generally about how customers are consuming vCloud Director, and what their challenges were adopting the technology…


Here’s a bit of bio about Dante: “Dante Orsini is the Vice President of Business Development at, a Premier VMware Service Provider delivering innovative cloud infrastructure solutions from six high-availability datacenters in North America and Europe.  Dante oversees the development of the company’s strategic-channel relationships including sales, partner development, and product positioning.  Dante’s experience provides partners with the creative ability to meet their customer requirements while at the same time providing a leadership conduit to that effectively conveys the company’s products and services.  Dante  has over 15 years of experience in sales and business development providing enterprise software, managed services, and technology consulting to mid-market and small and medium sized businesses.”


Anyway, here’s the questions I asked at

  • You’ve got an offering of vCloud Director – what kind of business is buying the offering?
  • Do you find the end-consumer is also running vCD, or they just running vSphere…?
  • Why do you think VMware developed the vCloud Connector?
  • What were the Storage and Network challenges of implementing vCD in your environment – did the storage & network guys flip their lids?
  • VMware talk a lot about “Hybrid Clouds” – do think that’s the future? Why do think VMware have taken such a line?
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