Chinwag with David Owen (vMackem) [Episode 65]


[For those people out of the UK - he's a definition of what a "Mackem" is]


This weeks chinwag is with David Owen – aka vMackem.  He’s a Virtualisation Solutions Consultant working for a large UK organisation. He’s worked in the IT Industry since 2003,and worked for several companies including JP Morgan,Barclays Bank PLC and BAE Systems. He has worked across a wide variety of fields including finance and UK defence and has a full set of clearances. He’s currently working my way towards his VCDX amongst other qualifications. he started this blog to aid himself and hopefully others with experiences that he faces in his day to day career and any useful information he thinks will be worth passing on. Like everyone nowadays you can find him on LinkedIn. He’s also available on twitter as @vMackem and his is David was award the vExpert Award from VMware for services to the vCommunity in 2011.


In our chinwag we discuss vBlock and Flexpod – and then we move on to discuss this months hot topic – the VMTN Subscription Movement.

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