Chinwag with Doug Brown [Episode 54]


Once again this weeks chinwagee needs no introduction – its Doug Brown of the now legendary website. I first came across Doug’s site when I was lowly Citrix instructor – and I’d often point my students towards his site to check is his “Methodology-in-a-Box” documents that would take you through a step-by-step approach to rolling out a Citrix infrastructure. Of course, he’s not stayed still and is still as massive as every and encompasses a vast array of different technologies.


We discussed a range of questions – including and not limited to:

  1. Last year I heard you had some woes with the iPhone4, and that Apple even sent someone to you to help you out! That’s quite a coup! What became of that? Are you with Android now? ;-)
  2. I see you recently entered the fray in the spat between Madden & Crosby… Laying that too one side – i see your have some strong opinions on client virtualization – care to share them with us? [When go on to talk about client hypervisor and other stuff at length! From that we drifted of into security and personal data... ]
  3. If server-based computing is great, do you think VMware needs to develop technology like XenApp, RDS, 2X?
  4. Is VDI a tactical solution, rather than a strategic one? Did that happen to Citrix MetaFrame/Presentation/XenApp as well?
  5. Is the PC and local apps pretty much useless with our an internet connection? [We drift back to the topic of client hypervisor - and if the future it will baked into a PC...]
  6. Is VDI just a two horse race, and if where up you what would you pick – are you influence by Gatner style analysis…
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