Chinwag with Duncan Epping [Episode 53]

This weeks chinwag is with man for which there is no need for an introduction – his name is Duncan Eppying and he works for VMware, and runs the popular “Yellow Bricks” website.


You might also know Duncan by the many books he has written – on both the subject of Cloud Computing with VMware vCloud Director and VMware HA/DRS.


Duncan has number of submissions in for VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas, and as you might know the voting for sessions recently opened. The two sessions that Duncan will hope to present on are:

  • TA 1956 – The ESXi Quiz Show
    Join us for our very first ESXi Quiz Show where teams of vExperts and VMware engineers will match expertise on technical facts, trivia related to all VMware ESXi and related products. You as the audience will get 40% of the vote. We will cover topics around ESXi migration, storage, networking security, and VMware products. As an attendee of this session you will get to see the experts battle each other. For the very first time at VMworld you get to decide who leaves the stage as a winner and who does not.
  • TA 1682 – vSphere Clustering Q&A
    Frank Denneman and Duncan Epping will answer any question with regards to vSphere Clustering in this session. You as the audience will have the chance to validate your own environment and design decisions with the Subject Matter Experts on HA, DRS and Storage DRS. Topics could include for instance misunderstandings around Admission Control Policies, the impact of limits and reservations on your environment, the benefits of using Resource Pools, Anti-Affinity Rules Gotchas, DPM and of course anything regarding Storage DRS. This is your chance to ask what you’ve always wanted to know!

Anyway, now the introductions are done with – lets press on to the chinwag itself. I asked a number of questions of Duncan across a wide range of subjects. Here’s my list of questions:

  1. There’s been a lot of traction around large pages and small pages – and TPS… Could you give us your take on this?
  2. You recently wrote about an urban myth concerning  - thinly provisioned disks and fragmentation – What’s the myth and would care to crush it on camera?
  3. Does VMFS block size affect SVMotion performance – Why does it affect performance…?
  4. Tell us about your book – Do you see writing another edition in the future as HA/DRS evolve? Could you give us a sneak-peak at HA futures???
  5. I recently got confused about the whole use for “Ephemeral” port bindings with vCD – can you set me straight?
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