Chinwag with Glenda Canfield – AKA Citrix Gurl [Episode 31]


[Note: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's @Citrixgurl


This week's chinwag is with Glenda Canfield, who some of you might know as "Citrix Gurl". She is an expert on virtualization in the enterprise and has more than 13 years of experience designing and supporting on-demand data centers. Her experience includes large distributed data centers with concurrent Citrix connections in the tens of thousands, as well as significant experience with VMWare. While not an "expert" speaker [Mike: She is being incredibly modest here by the way!], she has presented at Citrix iForum, Citrix Summit and Briforum. She also writes the occasional article and has been published by multiple sources as well as quoted in multiple articles.


In our little chinwag we discuss matter relating mainly to VDI and general application delivery. So we chinwag about:

  • The protocol wars – RDP vs ICA vs HDX vs PCoIP…
  • Was 2010 the Year of VDI, or are we still waiting for the gravy train to enter the station?
  • Does VDI solve or create a DR problem?
  • The impact of IT and the Internet at home and on our kids
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