Chinwag with Glenda Canfield [Episode 61]

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Few folks get to be on the chinwag more than once – there are so many interesting people to talk to. So this is chinwag history in the making (drumroll please) which sees the return of the ever entertaining and insightful Glenda Canfield. Make no mistakes as a typical Texan she doesn’t mince her words! That’s something it resonates well with folks like me from the North of England – who like to call it as they see it without as little flimflam as possible.


As ever we cover a wide spectrum of thoughts, ideas, opinons and concepts – here’s my list of QA and for Glenda.

  1. You say Citrix needs to get out virtualising OSes – Why?
  2. You say VMware needs to get out of the “broker” business – Why?
  3. What single points of failure does VMware View have? What can be done about them? Is Citrix XenDesktop any better?
  4. Where are we at with user profiles? Would like to return to Windows 95 where they were optional? ;-)
  5. BYPC, Bring your own device… or PC – I hear your writing a research paper – what have found?
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