Chinwag with Jane Rimmer [Episode 69]


This weeks chinwaggee is Jane Rimmer. As she says in her bio below Jane is a twitter addict – and if you want to follow her or monitor the activity of the London VMUG User Group then you can follow these twitter ids: Rimmergram and LonVMUG


Here’s a bit of her bio.


Jane Rimmer is a seasoned marketing professional and has been working in IT for over 20 years.  She is owner of hiviz-marketing, a strategic marketing consultancy serving the virtualization and cloud industry, a steering committee member of the London VMware User Group and a current vExpert.  She is also a non-executive Director of UK headquartered ISV, Centrix Software.


Prior to establishing hiviz-marketing, Jane was EMEA marketing director for VMware where, as employee number 2,  she helped build the channel strategy and brand awareness.  Her previous roles include Senior Director Marketing, EMEA for Citrix Systems, where she held her office in the Swiss European HQ, Marketing Communications Manager, EMEA for Sun Microsystems and Marketing Manager for Hayes Microcomputer Products.


Jane is an active member of the virtualization community, an addicted tweeter and occasional blogger :-)


I thought Jane would make interesting contrast to the usual folks I speak to. She’s just as much part of the VMware Community as anyone else! Given her background I kept the chat focused around the community as much as possible. Here’s my questions for Jane…


Q. I thought we could discuss the rise of social media in both building communities but also in marketing…


Q. You could tell us why you decide to get involved in VMUGs and what its like from your perspective…


Q. I know you have worked for many big businesses over the years – Citrix and VMware included – so I’d be interesting in hearing your views on how you think our industry has changed over the years…


Q. What’s it like being a vExpert, and what does the vExpert program mean to you. [My secret agenda here is showing that being a vExpert is about recognition of contributions to the community, rather than a purely "technical" award – which I think many mistake it for…]


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