Chinwag with Jase McCarty [Episode 42]


This weeks chinwag is with Jase McCarty and this was recorded just before Xmas. Like me he’s a vExpert and has been using VMware technologies for some time. Jase recently joined EMC as part of the vSpecialist team. He was asked last minute to be a part of VMware ESX Essentials in the Virtual Data Center (ISBN 1420070274) in 2008 by David Marshall and Steve Beaver. Then in early 2009, he was asked by Matthew Johnson to be a part of VMware vSphere 4 Administration Instant Reference (ISBN 0470520728).


If you want to follow him – he’s very active on Twitter


In the chinwag we talk about Jase’s recent move to EMC, and what he was doing before the move. I also ask if Jase if he will have the time to keep up his blogging and book output. Jase said in his email he worked on the “application” side – so I ask him about how saw the terms – application, infrastructure, architecture mean to him. Jase has been involved in virtualization since 1999, so asked him to take us on trip down memory lane, and asked Jase what advice he would give to some who was new to virtualization. We also we have a little chat about cloud and licensing…

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