Chinwag with Jay Rogers [Episode 02]

I first met Jay Rogers at the Charlotte User Summit (North Carolina) a couple of years ago, and we’ve buddies ever since. He regularly drops me emails which are about real-world VMware Customer experiences. I find these invaluable as I increasingly find myself living in the ratified world of blogging and writing – and have no idea what the real world looks like anymore!


He works for a large health care provider in the USA, where he is there VMware Virtualization Architect, with 10 years experience using VMware ESX in production. He’s have been blogging about virtualization and in particular VMware solutions since 2006. He’s also a VMware Certified Professional(VCP) on VI 2, VI 3, and the new vSphere 4 platforms. Jay’s been with healthcare sector for 20 years now. He was invited by VMware to be a featured speaker at the first annual NC/SC VMware Summit Event in 2008. He’s also been a speaker at several VMUG events in Charlotte and Greensboro, NC. And also participated in a online Webex Virtualization related event with Acronis in 2008, which exceeded the max capacity of single webex event!


If you want to visit Jay’s blog he’s over here –


In this episode we discuss Jay’s experiences with IBM Blades and why he’s looking at virtualization IO vendor XSIGO. Additionally, we discuss Jay’s plans for upgrading to vSphere4; the use of thin virtual disks and he’s plans to use VMware Site Recovery Manager. We got so carried away – we wound up chatting for 50 mins! What I need is a mighty big timer on my desk so I can keep track of time. But Jay had so many great things to share I couldn’t resist asking for more. 


There was a couple links discussed on the video/podcast – and Jay’s sent them through for your delectation:


IBM Firmware Whitepaper:


Thin Virtual Disk Performance:


CISCO UCS implementation: Moses Cone Memorial Hospital (Greensboro, NC):


Manage XSIGO 3 real-world scenarios simulator:

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