Chinwag with Julian Wood [Episode 71]


After the recording me and the gang on Twitter started discussing whether we could come up with catchy acronmyn of Cloud-as-a-Product (CaaP). I was struggling to get the R in there which is really really needed… So some ideas are listed below – my personal favourite is the second one…

  • Cloud-Resources-as-a-Product (CraaP)
  • Cloud-Repackaged-as-a-Product (CraaP)
  • Cloud-Reality-as-a-Product (CraaP)

This week’s chinwag is with Julian Wood – native of South Africa, and living and working in London. Like many of the chinwaggers he runs his own blog at: and is more than occasional tweeter @julian_wood. He’s also a vExpert too!


He works as freelance IT consultant in the City. Our paths first crossed at the London User Group – where he has presented sessions on more than one occasion. And we once met up for dinner because I was working close by to his office at the time. So he’s always been on my hit list to get on the show – and here is finally.


With a bit more detail and in his own words – this Julian’s own personal statement on his blog:


I’m a freelance IT consultant living and working in London as an enterprise infrastructure architect, designing and building the interconnected computer related stuff people use every day and peddling my ideas to anyone who will listen. I work mainly on virtualisation and Windows Server and surrounding technology projects with plenty of storage, networking, desktop, scripting in the mix and also loads of other bits and pieces thrown in for fun. I started many moons ago in IT, the bug bit big time while I was playing with computers at school and has only grown!  I’ve written some programs used by actual people, worked as a do everything IT person and played as an IT manager.  I’ve done support, delved into technical project management and now try my luck at plenty of engineering / design / architecture (all the same thing I think). I have a passion for putting together systems that are simple, flexible and scalable regardless of their size and thought it was about time I put down my thoughts and ideas….


We could covered a range of topics including:


Q. I see on your blog you have been doing a lot of work on SSL Certificates and VMware Technologies – Can you walk us through your experience and findings?


Q. You say you have neen doing quite a bit of VDI strategy work on when to and when not to use VDI, the pitfalls, what goes wrong with projects and planning etc. Please share with us your views.


Q. Tells about you views on Private Cloud do think too many people think that private cloud is a product you can buy from a vendor and you have a cloud?


Q. SRM for free with PowerCLI? Oh, yes – tell us more!

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