Chinwag with Doug Hazelman [Episode 10]

This weeks chinwaggee is Doug Hazelman.

Doug Hazelman is the product strategist for Veeam Software. He frequently presents on behalf of Veeam at industry conferences, and shares his expertise via his blog, “VeeamMeUp ” and other social media outlets. Doug advises Veeam customers and partners on best practices and key considerations as they implement and better manage their virtual server infrastructures. I first met Doug at VMworld at one of Veeam’s VIP parties (apparently I’m a VIP!), and amongst the community Doug is a legend for introducing the concept of the “snuggie” to the European vCommunity!


As with the other folks who tend to wind up on the “wag” you can follow Doug via his twitters:



As ever if you want the MP3 version of the chinwag it’s here – but to be honest it’s much easier to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes which means the podcast will be download when ever I do them. If you don’t use iTunes, here’s the generic RSS Feed link.


In the chinwag I quiz Doug about Veeam’s new “SureBackup” technology which was announced recently and will available in Veeam Backup & Replication v5.0  – we also discuss Veeam’s Microsoft SCOM strategy – and finally we finish up on chatting about where Veeam might be going with DR technologies pitched at the SMB market. I try to keep my comments to minimum. It’s come my attention (actually I’ve known this for sometime!) that I talk to much – so I’ve tried to be more disciplined this time – although I do open my big fat gob quite a bit towards the end. What can I say I’m so opinionated I just never tire of hearing my own voice! ;-)

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