Chinwag with Mr. "Eric" Sloof [Episode 06]

This weeks chinwagger is the internationally famous – Mr Sloof.

I first met Eric I think at the VMworld in Paris or what is Cannes? Gee, I sound like an international jet setter myself! Me and Eric begin the “wag” with a discussion about how he got into virtualization, and we kind of took an unscheduled stop around his home lab – we also discussed life as an instructor compared to being out there in the “real world”. Finally, I asked Eric how he learned his impressive programming skills and about his new “little tool” called vmClient.


If you have never visited Mr Sloof’s blog you should – it here –


Of course, like many of my chums in the blogger-sphere, he’s on the Twitter-Sphere too you can twitter with Eric here:


Below is the chinwag video, and Eric has a video of his “cool utility”, now doesn’t that sound better than “little tool”.

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