Chinwag with Raymond Overman [Episode 44]


This weeks chinwag is my buddy across the pond, Raymond Overman. I first met Ray at the Charlotte, North Carolina User Summit – where he cornered me on some questions about vSphere4 (just before it was released) and what it was going to do for the smaller SMB/SME environments. I found myself back in North Carolina the year later and we hooked up again – and discovered a shared interest in music and blues. Turns out Raymond is handy with wood as he is with IT, and in his spare time he makes these beautiful bowls, and also an instrument he calls the “Blues Bowl”. Anyway, this year Raymond was in the UK and we managed to hook up on my side of the pond – so I could pick up my blues bowls, have a beer, and good old chinwag about life, IT and the pursuit of happiness generally.


Raymond has a blog where he documents he’s travels in virtualization and IT generally called –


Anyway, Raymond took a whole series of questions from me – each on the SMB take on virtualization – and we discussed some the challenges of implementing VMware in small environment.

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