Chinwag with Ricky El-Qasem [Episode 25]


Note: Ricky is the  guy on the left. He is the winner with the longest ever chinwag. Longer than even Tom Howarth. You know what it's like. Two Northerns in chat, they never know when to shut the * up…!


This weeks chinwaggee is Ricky-El-Qasem. Me and Ricky have been pals for a while. We first met back in the days of the VMware TSX event that happened in Paris/Disney World. I think that was 2006. It was a blast we had free run of the park! Back then we were both instructors (VMware Certified Instructors). Since then a lot has changes for myself and Ricky. Ricky is now at Veeam – based in EMEA but seems to spend a lot of his time in St Petersburg recently…


In his own words he is:


Director of Global Education Services with Veeam Software. 18 years in the business and started using VMware about 9 to 10 years ago and have the scars to prove it. I sport a plethora of certifications including GOLD MCSE, CCEA, RHCT, VCP/VCI, vExpert, Qlogic CP, Xenserver CCA and many more. Like to be known as a jack of all trades master of none ( or VMware ;-) ) In my spare time I webmaster my own virtualisation blog site which has been running for 5 years <> and have been known to write my own Private Cloud virtualisation applications. I’m well acquainted in the virtualisation industry and well liked by all (not sure about Steve Chambers though ;-0). Follow me on – That’s my eldest daughter in the picture which some people believed VMware would be her first word. Unfortunately her first word was “bob” as in SpongeBob.


In this weeks chinwag we chat about the tension between being a jack-of-all-trades in IT, as compared to being a Master/GUR/WarriorMonk. We also talk about how Ricky got into making applications with angle specifically on virtualization…

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