Chinwag with Scott Lowe on VMware HA Stretched Clusters [Episode 57]


This is a very special chinwag, one that see’s the return of EMC vSpecialist Scott Lowe. I first saw Scott deliver this session at the Charlotte Regional User Summit in May – and afterwards sought him out with the suggestion that we make his session into a Chinwag…


Despite the company affiliation Scott is here talking in a vendor neutral way about the strengths, weakness, benefits and challenges of stretching out a VMware HA cluster – the way I put it of effectively making two sites appear as if they are one.  It’s my strong belief that this sort of configuration is a thing of the future (for those who can afford it) and offers a way of creating a truly redundant virtualization platform fit for a cloud automation layer.


I more or less hand over the show to Scott and his PowerPoints, with me only interrupting the flow to add the odd question along the way. Honest!


I have Scott’s blog on my feed-burner – you can find his blog here – and I also follow him on twitter too!

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