Chinwag with Shannon Snowden [Episode 62]


This weeks wag is with Shanbon Snowden, a guy I first met in Boston at GestaltIT’s Tech Field Day organized by Stephen Foskett. We reconnected at VMworld for one of my “miniwags”, so it was only a matter of time until I had Shannon on the full-fat show. It turns out we have 6-degees of seperation style link. I worked on the U2PV with Chris Huss when he was at NewAge Technologies – which just so happens to be the same place Shannon works at in Kentucky.


He runs a blog at and he’s also on twitter too!/shannonsnowden


This is his brief bio:

I am the Delivery Services Manager at New Age Technologies and have been focused on delivery of virtualization solutions and training for as long as VMWare has had a certification program. I was one of the first 4 public students to get the VMWare Certified Professional designation delivered via a hand-written exam. They graded 3 classes of the hand written exams, so my official VCP number is 12. Since then, I’ve performed countless virtualization delivery engagements for Fortune 100 companies and have many technical certifications.


Shannon and I discussed – the main topic areas.

Q. SRM5 is now out which supports vSphere Replication – and there are folks like VirtualSharp and Zerto out there on the market. Are these products comparable? Do you have any thoughts to share on this subject generally?

Q. How much future is there left in bog-standard virtualization – Knowing your ESX/vCenter is there much value in that job wise? Do we need to go somewhere technically for job security sakes?

Q. P2V -  Can we bring it into the present – at one time there was healthy consultancy money to made with P2V, but those days have appear to have gone. Or have they? Was P2V always a slightly risky idea driven by management who just wanted get virtual in the shortest possible time?

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