Chinwag with Simon Seagrave [Episode 12]

This weeks chinwaggie is Simon Seagrave of the website. He’s a London based Senior Technology Consultant & VMware vExpert, who is passionate about virtualization and Enterprise IT in general. He love’s his work and spends most of his time working with and exploring virtualization technologies, server and storage products and also Microsoft Server Operating Systems and back office products. He’s have been working in IT for 16 years and has spent spent 11 of those in London working for various sized organisations, from blue chip city based companies through to smaller technology based businesses. Simon has just joined EMC’s vSpecialist team he’s looking forward to working with a highly talented team of people and having the opportunity to work with VMware vSphere on daily basis.


In the chinwag we chat about Simon’s home lab experiences – something that TechHead is quite well-know for… we also chat about the new iPAD… and we finish up chatting about EMC..

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